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Barn Owl and Winter Hedgerow

I've recently completed another largish reduction linocut print. It is of a Barn Owl, not one of the most common birds in the area (I think this part of the Beacons is at the edge of its territory)but one of my favourites. I've been doing some paintings of the hedge in winter very close to my house. I like the silhouette made because at some time in the past the hedge has been 'layed' and the sharp edge and sides, from where Chris the farmer has expertly trimmed it for many years.

The print matches the Otter Moon in size and in many of the colourways (so once again this is a varied edition).

As is my usual way of working, I first developed the original design using blue acrylic to get the tonal values right. I like to start the design fairly roughly and cut up the various elements and move them around until the design seems right as can be seen in some of the first pics from the gallery below.

It will be on display in my studio as part of the Crickhowell Open Studios weekend, 26th, 27th and 28th May.

Cream and grey

Ochre and grey

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