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Usk trout

I've been working on the idea for this print for a while. A trout's eye view of Crickhowell bridge from the water, or even the bridge and the swallows inside the trout (maybe a future print). It has ended up as a sort of above/below water, river scene, from early April

The trees are bare and the Lesser Celandine is blooming. The swifts and swallows are flying round the bridge.

Well I'm quite pleased with the result, I hope others like it.

In the end there are three small editions in slightly different colourways. I'm not at all sure which I prefer, they all bring out slightly different aspects of the composition.

I'll search out some pictures of the different stages of the print from first ideas to final prints.

One of the first sketches

Usk trout final design

The final design before cutting the lino, I use acrylic and pencil and usually work in tones of blue at this stage. I scan and print out the design, then use the inkjet print to trace the image in reverse onto the lino.

first print (I)

Usk trout III, second print

second print (III)

lino cut for the third printing

Usk trout I, first print

Usk trout I, a light blue for the lightest part of the bridge

Usk trout II, a grey blue for the lightest part of the bridge

Usk trout III, A grey blue for the lightest part of the bridge and the second lilac/grey tone extends right to the bottom.

My sophisticated print drying system. It works fine........ until the pegs are needed for the washing:o/

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