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Rocking Frosty Hare Card

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

I finished the Frosty Hare linocut print in the summer. Too late for any commercial publisher who might be interested to use the image as a card ready for Christmas. My fault!

When I originally designed the Frosty Hare print I was playing around with a rocking card design from the start. So I've experimented with a bit of self publishing. The cards are commercially printed onto very thick flat card and I do all of the folding and cutting to produce the final card. I use a template to score the fold and cut the curve but the rest is freehand. I'll never make a fortune with them, they are quite time consuming to make and pack and there is always a limit to what people are willing to pay for a Christmas card. Maybe my time would be better spent elsewhere but it has been a fun project. Better to think of each card as a small advert/ambassador for my designs being posted around the UK.

I've added some in sets of 3 into my Etsy shop, where they will be available until a week before Christmas. Oriel Cric have also taken some to sell alongside some of my other cards and framed prints.

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