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Oh Myfanwy!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Introducing Myfanwy! My new Gunning no.3 press, with a specially made large top roller, from Ironbridge Fine Arts. I've been struggling with a book press to make my editions and it can use quite a lot of 'grunt' to make an edition of twenty five 5 layer prints. Anyway it has still to be used 'in anger'. I'm experimenting with some different registration jigs (any advice would be appreciated).

In the background is some of the work framed and ready to go to Humble by Nature for the Art in Penallt event next Bank Holiday weekend.

I've been reinvesting most of the income from the sale of prints in some new equipment over the last few months. It might not make the prints better but it should make them less work to produce. Maybe a few larger editions. Paper costs aside, I'm finding the main limiting factors for the number of prints in an edition are the time and physical labour involved.

These quality rollers from Lawrence are 'hefty' but great to use.

A new Slama press. Very well engineered and lovely to use. I'm not sure I'll use it on its own very much. I've mainly bought it to finish off a printing where I know areas are gong to be light and need a bit of attention.

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