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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

a trickster's tale this wintertide fox prowls unflurried in snow's drifts nose to the scent trails scaped against the land cast in silent silhouette foot pads softly earthed from shadow to light a fur-flow of ripple-glide this trickster slips by in pursuit of life searching for its survival the forager's way johnegan. 15/1/21

A lovely poem by John Bernard Egan written this morning, to go with the 'Winter Fox'. Thank you!

Update...and this, to go with a painting from a couple of years ago.

what the cailleach loves best

show me the silver spread across the frosted field jewelled sparks of light

show me the silver of the ice that coats the leaves evergreen on trees

show me the silver concealed in the magpies nest glints of treasured thefts

show me the silver that gleams pale in winter's sun cast low in frozen skies

johnegan. 24/1/21

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