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Usk Salmon

After some success with my lino print of the Brown Trout in the river Usk, I've been working over the last few weeks to complete a print of a Salmon in the Usk. Once again I've tried to get that feeling of the fish's view of things and mixed up things from above and below the water.

The Trout was set in the spring, the Salmon is set in the early autumn. I'd been looking for ideas for some flowers and animals to include in the image. On a recent walk along the river I came across a patch of brambles with a Comma butterfly feeding, it fitted in with the colours that I wanted in the rest of the print.

Usk Salmon I

It is the same size and format as the trout print. The Image is 27 x 16cm on white Somerset satin paper 28 x 38cm.

There are three small editions, I (10), II (8), III (6)

As usual I first designed the print in tones of blue. I'm not sure why I use this method, It just works for me and keeps things organised.

I've been using Caligo Safewash inks for a while but I've just switched to buying them in in a cartridge rather than a tin. Apart from needing a 'sealant' gun I've found them much better than tins (I find I have to keep straining the little dry bits out however careful I am in sealing tins). I also decided to mount the lino onto plywood, It slotted into a ply and cardboard surround that made the registration fairly simple.

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