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There was a Jackdaw doing a comedy clockwork walk up and down the on the stone wall. I could see it watching me through the window, with its spooky white eye, as I worked. It was there for about ten minutes until his mate turned up and they flew off together.

I've already been researching Ravens and Magpies for some recent compositions, so I originally thought of producing a painting of the Jackdaw walking on the wall (it may still happen).

It has ended up as a lino print and I'm quite pleased with it. Adding the lettering wasn't easy! Cutting in reverse and in perspective, although I think it gives the fairly simple image some extra depth.

I'll print it in a blue black and hopefully make an edition of thirty (ish) onto some nice Somerset satin paper.

I think I'll also print off a further set of cards to offer to visitors as part of the Crickhowell Open Studios weekend. It's just a couple of weeks away now and the panic is setting in!

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