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Craig y Cilau

Craig y Cilau is up on the hillside above Crickhowell and Llangattock. The large limestone cliff curves around Mynydd Llangattock and is a beautiful nature reserve. Surprisingly the rugged rock faces are the result of the industrial quarrying of limestone, an important ingredient in iron-making. There are still the remains of an old horse-drawn tramway and a fairly steep incline (a good sweaty walk on the way up) to bring the limestone down to the canal.

The cliff face also has several entrances to a massive cave system, over 40 miles of passages under the mountain. A magical place.

The greenest grass and moss is to be found at a the top of the mountain that you've just climbed! Especially in Wales (the rain), in the Beacons (more rain), and on a bright, crisp, frosty morning.

I've just finished a painting of a view from up on the hillside on the right hand side of Craig y Cilau. The sun is just coming up, catching the cliff and hills in the distance and the tree, grass and rocks in the foreground. I hope I've managed to capture something of the feeling of the moment. So much green, some lovely purples and blues in the shadows.

Thought I'd add this to a previous post.......Another small painting/sketch from the end of March 18

Tree over Craig y Cilau. Acrylic on linen on board 26x20cm.

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