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Magpie Silver

Outside the magpies have been making their usual machine gun racket over the last few weeks. Four for a boy this morning! All in the same small medlar tree about ten paces from my door. They are difficult to watch and sketch though, they really know when I try to look at them and fly off, however sneaky I get.

I've been working on quite a formal composition with five (silver) magpies. Quite nasty birds really. I know they were just born that way but they can be relentless when there are smaller birds around. Their feathers are so beautiful and iridescent (I've collected a few on my workbench from the garden). The hedge across the road with ivy berries has made a good foreground and the Crug which was covered in snow for a couple of days is behind.

I'm still not sure it is finished but I'll 'live with it'for a bit before I make any changes.

The Red Kite in the sketch may get its own painting at some time, I felt it made the sky too busy.

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