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January Exhibitions

I've been lucky to have work in three exhibitions starting in January.

I managed to get up to Conwy for the opening of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art Open Exhibition on Saturday 7th. Lots of great work on show and a very busy gallery. I promise I didn't have any of the free wine but when I looked at my photos of the work on show when I I've got back, many of them are too poor to use. Anyway here's a small selection. It runs until the 25th of February.

I was lucky to get both the 'Kingfisher, Evening Rain' and the 'Hares in Meadow Cranesbill' reduction linocuts included. The Hares print was 'Highly Commended'. Keith Brymer Jones was one of the judges . It was great to have a good chat about art and printing with some old friends and to make some new friends.

Apologies for the obligatory 'gurning artist with artwork' photo. I'm obviously thrilled to be exhibiting here... I just forgot to tell my face, it was a very long drive!

Conwy, a lovely and interesting place.

The Great Print Exhibition at Rheged in Cumbria opened on the 20th. I think it's the largest printmaking exhibition in the country.

It was a bit far for me to nip up there just for the opening but I'm hoping to visit later in the year.

58 printmakers are exhibiting and it is on for quite a long time, until until the 7th of May.

These are some details of a small part of the work I have on the walls. I have eight framed prints in all, plus a print bin full of mounted work.

One of the nice things about the event is that they show information about the processes artists use. I've sent along the original painted design for the Hillside Badgers and the final state of the mounted lino for that print.

Here's a link to their website

I'll add more images when I can

The Oriel Cric New Year show is just opening. I visited the gallery today and it's looking great. I'm lucky again to have a lot of work included and also to have such a quality gallery nearby.

Some of my work here, plus Lee Wright, Tim Rossiter, Kay Leverton and Peter Cronin.

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