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Hedgehog reduction linocut

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The garden could really do with at least one resident hedgehog. It would certainly not go hungry. The slugs and snails thrive and shelter in the stone walls on the boundaries of the house. The problem may well be those very walls keeping the hogs out. I made the garden gate to have two small gaps to each side so that the wildlife could come and go but the steps up to it are quite steep for little legs (including mine). Still last year at least one visitor made it.

I usually start my reduction linocuts by designing them using tones of blue acrylic. My reduction prints are often just four layers and so I design using four distinct blue tones.

It can sometimes take months to develop a design. I often paint over areas and use the computer to scan and print elements so that they can be moved around or changed in size. There are no rules.

When I'm happy with the design, I scan the image, reverse it and print it out at the size of the final print. In the third picture above you can see I've already used graphite paper to transfer the outlines of the white areas to the lino, ready to be cut away.

The second and third images in this set are the second and third layers of one of the colourways. The bottom row of images are of the three colourways in the edition.

Tomorrow they should be dry enough to sort and sign.

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