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Red Kite over snow

I've just finished and editioned this latest linocut print. It is of a Red Kite from above, flying over a snowy early morning landscape. The trees are casting long shadows over the snow.

There's an old limestone quarry on the way up to Llangynidr Mountain, near to where I live. Some Red Kites have been nesting up on the cliffs. From the top you can look down on them flying and on the trees and their shadows far below.

I'm pleased with the textures and shapes of the feathers and I think I'll use the view down onto the snowy trees again.I've put in a few pics of the process and different stages.

It is a compound reduction print. There are two interlocking pieces of lino that have each been cut as a reduction. I could have made it all with one piece of lino but it would have involved more layers of ink and more complicated inking up.

It is a varied edition (again) of 15. It is the largest I've ever made. The printed area is 45x55cm onto full sheets of 76x56cm Somerset satin paper. I have put some of them into my Etsy shop.

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