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Banda Islands

Not long back from the Banda Islands in Indonesia. Wow what a beautiful place! Not the easiest to get to, Heathrow - Jakarta - Ambon - Banda Niera, an adventure in itself.

Scuba diving and sightseeing, so much history and such lovely scenery.

I met many interesting people, locals and fellow travelers. The diving was superb around the Banda islands and very good but 'different' around Ambon harbour, it's what is known as muck diving (on account of the muck and rubbish)but the amount of unusual marine life was amazing. See more of my pictures in the photography section and some of them were used in an article about the fish market on Banda by a very knowledgable Australian author, Ian Burnet in his 'Spice Island Blog.

This excellent Blog is certainly worth a look if you want to find out more about this part of the world.

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