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Jacek Malczewski

A year or so ago on a trip to Krakow, Poland I 'stumbled' across the work of an artist called Jacek Malczewski(1854-1929).

There were just a few pictures as part of a larger exhibition of items that had been given to the city museum by a collector.

I remembered the images, but not the name of the artist (I'm afraid Polish names just will not stay in my head)

On a trip to Poznan recently I discovered that the Art Museum there has a more extensive collection of his interesting work. A major Polish artist, there are elements of symbolism, Christian religion and mythology in his paintings. I've also seen him described as an Art Nouveau painter. The very bright colours of many of his paintings seem to use what we might think of as a Pre-Raphaelite technique, bright translucent colour over a white ground (The PRB originally painted with tiny brush strokes onto a still wet white ground).

Maybe some of his imagery seems a bit 'mawkish' to modern eyes but I still greatly enjoyed spending some time with them.

Maybe I'll try out some of his techniques, use of colour and composition in the future.

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