Winter Hedgerow

With all of the wintery weather we've been having it has been nice to walk some of the lanes and look over the hedges at the landscape. I've decided to make several pieces of work based on them. I really like the silhouette of an old laid hedge with the diagonal branches and then the newer upright shoots, trimmed and distorted at the top where they are cut each year. I'm still not sure. A smaller sketch on an offcut of mounting board. ....and I've also started a lino print using the image. #abergavenny #Llangattock #landscape #seasons #Crickhowell

Otter Moon

Otters have been sighted in the River Usk, in the valley where I have my studio space, for several years now. I’ve only been lucky enough to catch brief glimpses out of the corner of an eye. I’ve heard stories in past years of them swimming under the bridge in Crickhowell(Wales) and keeping people in the beer garden entertained. A friend, Dutch, a keen photographer and fisherman was lucky enough to get some good pictures while out fishing one day and was kind enough to let me use them for some of my source material. One time, a pair entered the river while he was waist deep fly fishing and started playing. One suddenly stopped and swam right up to him, circled him then rolled and dived under


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