Usk trout

I've been working on the idea for this print for a while. A trout's eye view of Crickhowell bridge from the water, or even the bridge and the swallows inside the trout (maybe a future print). It has ended up as a sort of above/below water, river scene, from early April The trees are bare and the Lesser Celandine is blooming. The swifts and swallows are flying round the bridge. Well I'm quite pleased with the result, I hope others like it. In the end there are three small editions in slightly different colourways. I'm not at all sure which I prefer, they all bring out slightly different aspects of the composition. I'll search out some pictures of the different stages of the print from first

First swallows (again)

I've almost finished a new painting. I'll have to lean it against a wall and come back to it in a few weeks to decide if any changes are needed. It is based on the (happy) morning that I saw my first swallows of this year. It has been a painting I've had 'lined up' for a while with some sketches and photos taken around the start of April. It's of the view across the valley over the Usk towards Crickhowell, with the large pines in the field opposite and the spire of St Edmund's church in an early morning mist. I'll hang it on the wall in my studio space for a while. I know there are still changes to make, as yet I'm just not sure what! #landscape #Llangattock #seasons #Crickhowell #painting #


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